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Recruiting Advice

Collective college coach advice to travel coaches on getting players maximum exposure

  1. Team profile sheets for college coaches
    1. Take the time to produce one and make copies to have available at every tournament.  See example.  Email us for an editable copy made in PowerPoint.  Click Here for a sample email to a College Coach
    2. Fill out completely for every athlete and be sure the graduation year is listed.
    3. Enter GPA and SAT scores whether they are good or not. Coaches will assume they are not good if nothing is listed. Better to be honest.  Help yourself by STUDYING for the SAT alot.  Great site for it:
    4. Make sure all contact information for each player is accurate.
    5. Assign a coach or a parent to look out for any college coaches and be sure that they are handed a profile book.
    6. Send an e-copy to any college coaches that your kids are interested in before your season and be sure to have your entire schedule listed.
  2. Tournaments
    1. Sign up for and attend tournaments where there has been good participation by college coaches in the past. For instance, in Michigan:
      Compuware - Visit Website
      Lookouts - Email Address

      MASA State - Visit Website
      Firestix - Visit Website
      Lansing Exposure - Visit Website
      Blue Chip Exposure - Visit Website
      Lakeshore Storm Exposure - Visit Website
    2. Before each tournament, instruct your players to email coaches from schools that they are sincerely interested in and give them your schedule for the weekend and invite them to come and watch. Remind them not to send out mass emails. Individualize each email and encourage them to indicate a reason they are interested in the school so that the coach knows it’s not a mass email. Make sure that there are no spelling errors and that the email comes from the athlete, not parents!
  3. Uniforms
    1. Even if you don’t believe in it, coaches would prefer that names were on the back of jerseys so that we can easily identify kids.
    2. If it’s an option have the names below the numbers on the back so that hair does not cover the names.
    3. Do not wear uniforms with crazy patterns, etc. that make it difficult to read names and numbers.
  4. College games
    1. Encourage your athletes to go a see a game at the colleges they think they would like to attend. This may give them a good gauge as to whether they can compete at that level.
    2. Tell them to keep an open mind about all colleges and also be realistic about their own talents level.
  5. Organization website
    1. Make sure your team/organization maintains a website
    2. Keep it up to date with player info, coach contact info, schedules, etc.
  6. National Fastpitch Coaches Association - For Players, Parents, & Youth/High School Coaches. The following website has links to information and resources for parents and high school/youth: Visit Website - This website is an invaluable resource!!
  7. Individual Player Profiles - click her for samples you can use:  Generic Profile 1 and Generic Profile 2.  If you would like a copy of either of these in Word, email us at

    8.  Parents can affect your chances of getting recruited, read this!


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